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August 13th, 2019 5PM

Emily head shots and wine.jpg

Come for the photography, stay for the wine...or vice-versa!

Join us on Tuesday, August 13th from 5:00-9:00PM for an evening of professional headshots, networking, and riverfront city skyline views at Northern Lights Photo Studio. We've created the perfect opportunity to update your headshots in a relaxed & social environment.

NLPS in-house photographer Deleono Johnson of Omniverse Media will be on set to secure your perfect profile picture. Whether you're a real estate agent, recent graduate, corporate advisor, or simply need a new professional photo for LinkedIn--we've got all you need to make headshots a breeze...including plenty of wine!

Not sure if you're up to having your photo taken? No worries at all! Come to learn more about us and network with other industry professionals in the Milwaukee area.

Reserving your ticket will confirm your attendance and guarantee you a spot with our photographer, and of course, WINE!

Attendees who shoot with our photographer will receive a link to purchase headshots via email following the event. Each attendee can expect a bundle of 5-10 fantastic headshots for only $25!!

We can drink to that!


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