"It's not just a photo studio, it's an experience."


The Shooting Room.

The main shooting area is equipped with a Manfrotto Overhead Rail System. Moving heads has never been easier. By eliminating the need for stands and sandbags, there are no cords on the floor. The motorized black blockout drapes can be controlled individually, to cover the 32 feet of windows, and eliminate all ambient light from the shooting area.  You will be provided with a camera specific hotshoe controller for all of the functions of the Profoto D2 Monolights including high speed sync.

Also included are (4) 12 foot motorized backdrops including a green-screen and black screen. The 2 cyclorama walls are equipped with 2 overhead tracks that also include a muslin green screen and black screen. This 28 foot system can be used for larger group shoots or video shoots. The suite lighting consists of Phillips Hue lights and can be controlled from an app on your phone or tablet. These lights can change the atmosphere of the lounge area or the shooting area with the touch of a button. Finally, the studio is setup with a system to connect your laptop through the A/V system and project the images in real time onto the 75" 4K television.

Our shooting room is perfect for:

-Wedding photography

-Portraits and Headshots

-Editorial photography

-Product photography

-Fashion photography

-Pet Photography

-and so much more!



Profoto D2 Monolights

Manfrotto Overhead Rail System

12' Motorized Black Blockout Drapes

(2) Cyclorama Walls

(2) Overhead Tracks

Green/Black Screen

Phillips Hue Lights

32' of Windows

A/V System & 75" 4k TV

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2 Hour Minimum


Half-Day (5 hours)


Full Day (10 Hours)


Introductory Trial (5 hours)